Good Counsel Publications Features a New Book

"EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong"

New Jersey lawyer and author Mr. Christopher A. Ferrara will be available for television and radio interviews to elaborate on his startling new book, "EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong".

Mr. Ferrara, a prolific writer on Catholic affairs whose articles have appeared in numerous magazines and periodicals demonstrates in his latest book that "while EWTN holds itself out as the gold standard of Catholic orthodoxy today, it is actually a major promoter of Modernist innovation in the Church".

He explains that "Pope Pius XII and every one of his predecessors would view with horror and absolutely condemn the collection of destructive and liturgical novelties EWTN broadcasts to the world as 'traditional Catholicism'."

Quoting directly from EWTN's own transcripts, web pages and broadcast events, Mr. Ferrara shows that despite the good elements that remain in some of its programming, Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) is actually contributing to the "silent apostasy" in the Roman Catholic Church.

Due to the controversial contents of this book Mr. Ferrara is in demand for talk show interviews.

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