abandons necessity of return of dissidents, 116
abandons nulla salus dogma, 115
advises that conception of children a daily decision, 188
as Trojan horse in Church, 251
attacks Father Nicholas Gruner sixty-six times, 210
broadcasts Las Vegas lounge act on Christmas Eve, 208
calls attachment to Tradition schismatic, 113
censors Mother Angelica's shows, 228
claims reversal of Church teaching, 84, 140
covers up sacrilege at Fatima Shrine, 212-216
defends Communion in the hand, 62-67
defends Hindu scandal at Fatima shrine, 157
defends interreligious Assisi events, including witch doctors, 156
defends Pope kissing Koran, 157
demotes traditional form of Rosary, 165
denounced by former supporter, 229-232
denounces Catholics who reject innovation of Church, 247
double standard concerning schism, 112, 113
endorses Association of Hebrew Catholics, 123-124
exempts Mel Gibson from its condemnation of Catholics opposed
to changes in Church, 248
falsely accuses Father Gruner of schism, 112
falsely accuses loyal Catholics of schism, 112
good elements of, 8
ignores "silent apostasy" admitted by John Paul II, 239
inconsistent view of schism, 112
joins New World Order in elevating John Paul II above predecessors, 235-242
liberalization after Mother Angelica's departure, 5, 10
loses militancy after Mother's departure, 4
"moderate" Modernism of, 53
Modernism of, 12, 15, 49
more insidious than overt liberalism, 7
opposes restoration of traditional Latin Mass, 40, 67
papal idolatry of, 158
parental warnings concerning content of, 181, 207, 252
practices politics of hate in Church, 211
preaches "fullness" rather than salvation, 99-100
promotes Association of Hebrew Catholics, 122-125, 134-139
promotes blasphemous interpretation of marital relations, 181
promotes Catholic karaoke, 205
promotes changing of Rosary, 165
promotes error that all religions are more or less good and praiseworthy, 79, 115
promotes Hahn's undermining of Trinitarian theology, 190-196
promotes Judaizing movement in Church, 122-150
promotes mistranslation of pro multis in Mass, 59
promotes New Mass, 40, 59-69
promotes NFP as mystical experience, 177
promotes NFP cult, 176-178
promotes novelty in Church, ii
promotes pagan rituals during Mass, 151
promotes rock music, 204
promotes same Modernist innovations condemned by Pope Pius XII, 246
promotes theology of the body, 174
promotes Zionism, 142-145
pronounces New Mass superior to traditional Mass, 67
revises Message of Fatima, 216-224
seeming orthodoxy of, ii
turn toward Modernism of, i
undermines Catholic doctrine on return of the dissidents, 85-116
undermines dogma on no salvation outside Church, 76-84
undermines dogma on supersession of Old Covenant, 120-142
undermines necessity of Sacraments for the salvation of all men, 91-100

Mother Angelica:

becomes totally detached from EWTN, 1
conflict with Bishop Foley, 3
conflict with Cardinal Mahony, 2
denounces liberal Bishops, female Christ at Stations, 6
departure of, i
doubts Third Secret fully revealed, 1
drastically reduced role of, 2
likens New Mass to Protestant Liturgy, 7, 59
praised by Remnant newspaper, 6
resigns as CEO of EWTN, 4
returns to traditional nun's habit, 6
snubs Bishop Foley at Shrine dedication, 3
suffers strokes, 1
surrenders control over EWTN to lay board, 4-5