EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong
by Christopher A. Ferrara

The book demonstrates that EWTN purveys to millions of Catholics a strange brew of orthodox and heterodox, the sacred and the profane. The anti-liberal Popes before the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) would view much of EWTN’s current programming as Modernist corruptions of the Faith.

Basing itself on the extensive evidence taken from EWTN’s own content, and comparing that content to the perennial belief and practice of the Church, the book shows that EWTN’s “moderately Modernist” version of the Faith is exactly what Pope St. Pius X called “the Modernist as reformer.”

This book will shock and outrage many, but the overwhelming evidence it presents will convince the open-minded that EWTN is indeed “A Network Gone Wrong.”

Chapters Include:
• The Banishment of Mother Angelica
• The Silent Apostasy
• A Great Façade of Novelty
• The Scope of the Crisis
• What Does it Mean to Be a Catholic?
• Modernism: The Synthesis of All Heresies
• EWTN’s “Moderate” Modernism
• EWTN’s Promotion of Liturgical Destruction
• Abandoning the Dogma “No Salvation Outside the Church”
• Abandoning the Return of the Dissidents to Rome
• Promoting the Return of the Judaizers
• Promoting Paganism and Sacrilege
• Quasi-Idolatry of the Pope’s Person
• Promoting Destruction of the Traditional Rosary
• Promoting Sexual Gnosticism and the NFP Cult
• “Cool” Catholicism
• The Assault on Fatima …
and more!

“EWTN has become a ‘moderate’ (and therefore more dangerous) Modernist enterprise that presents a corruption of authentic Roman Catholicism passed off as solid orthodoxy.”

From the Preface

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