Excerpt from an Interview with the Author

Catholic Family News: What prompted you to write this book?

CF: The constant reports and complaints I had heard, and verified by my own viewing and other research, concerning EWTN’s content, which especially since the departure of Mother Angelica, has become in many respects utterly modernist by every objective historical standard of Roman Catholicism.

There is no doubt in my mind that St. Pius X, or any other of the great pre-Conciliar Popes, would scream with horror at much of what EWTN broadcasts to the world as authentic Roman Catholicism.

And yet for millions of Catholics EWTN is the Catholic Faith. This network has more influence today than the Vatican itself. And that is a serious problem in the Church...


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From a Commentary on the Book

"Basing itself on the extensive evidence taken from EWTN’s own content, and comparing that content to the perennial belief and practice of the Church, the book shows that EWTN’s 'moderately Modernist' version of the Faith is exactly what Pope St. Pius X called 'the Modernist as reformer.'”

"This book will shock and outrage many, but the overwhelming evidence it presents will convince the open-minded that EWTN is indeed 'A Network Gone Wrong.'”

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